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*All recipes on this blog (unless otherwise noted) are Martha Stewart's from the Everyday Food Cookbooks here and here, they are not my own. If other than this I will post links to the recipes or indicate that they are originals*

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fresh bread and MORE sun! :)

Well this is the first sandwich of the challenge and I must say it is actually one of the least adventurous.  I thought I would start out slow.  Some of them have some bold flavors that I'm still a little afraid of, so even though I'm not the biggest fan of salami this ended up being a great choice.  As you can see the weather has been amazing here, and we are well overdue since it was rainy for over 2 weeks straight.  I have been fully enjoying the sun with hiking, reading and well eating just about every meal out in the backyard.  It has been fabulous!  If I had my choice, I would do this everyday for every meal, I just love it.  Anyway more of the meal, I served it with grapes and it was a very nice light summer lunch.  I was pleasantly surprised that I really enjoyed this, especially the artichoke spread.  I know that this is something I never would have made if it weren't for this challenge, so the fact that I enjoyed it so much is awesome.  Logan, love it as well, he loves salami though so that wasn't so much of a stretch for him.  Although I was a tad surprised that he enjoyed the artichoke spread as much as he did.  I also made fresh granary bread, which was excited because its been months since I made fresh bread...totally worth it.  Great summer lunch, loved it!  And I love all of you that read this, makes my day when I hear that you enjoy it.  :)

Artichoke and Salami Sandwiches
8 thick slices country bread 
Artichoke basil spread
(recipe below)
4 oz fontina cheese, thinly sliced
1/2 bunch spinach, trimmed and washed
4 oz hard salami, thinly sliced

Dividing evenly, top each slice of bread with artichoke-basil spread; layer half the bread slices with cheese, spinach, and salami.  Top with remaining bread. (haha just in case you didn't know how to assemble a sandwich)

Artichoke-Basil Spread
1 can (14 oz) artichoke hearts in water
1/4 cup fresh basil 
2 T mayonnaise
1 T fresh lemon juice
1/4 tsp crushed red pepper flakes

In a food processor, combine artichokes, basil, mayonnaise, lemon juice, and red-pepper flakes; pulse until smooth.  Season with S&P; pulse just to combine.  Spread can be refrigerated for up to 3 days. 
Serves 4.

Logan Rating: ****


  1. Paige - I haven't tried any of these recipes yet but I enjoy reading about your experiences w/them. And I love your pictures!
    Thought I'd let you know that tonight a friend and I intend to make the artichoke basil spread - so that's a start, right?! My friend actually posted the recipe on FB because she thought it sounded so amazing. See? You are inspiring people even when you don't know it.

    Keep it up :)

    -Kim (I work w/your dad)

  2. THanks Kim! I'm so glad that you enjoy my blog, its so nice to know. How did it turn out? Hope you thought it was as delicious as I did, I ended up using it for several days on all sorts of sandwiches. Hope you continue to enjoy the blog and try some more recipes...most of them are SO easy! Thanks again for reading :)