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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Oh how I LOVE Risotto!

This is what I made the night before Thanksgiving.
While it is not quick and easy, for me it was cooking therapy.  
To have one pot with all your ingredients that you can watch over and stir, was relaxing for me.
Plus there is just something about the rich, creamy, slow cooked taste of risotto that I just can't resist. 
I don't think I would care if it took days to make, the payoff is great, and no matter how many ways I make it every time it is just as delicious.
This time was no different. 
Butternut squash is such a genius pairing with a creamy risotto, it was savory yet slightly sweet.
And really just OH SO PERFECT.
And sage, oh man can it get any better?
You should try this.
Now that you are finished with your big extravagant multi course turkey dinner and on to preparing for your Christmas feast....give yourself some food therapy and make a pot of risotto!
Serves 4.  Next time I would double it!

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