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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Freezer Cooking

Look at all those tinfoil wrapped goodies!
YES, those are what you think they are...
Homemade Frozen Burritos!
I love frozen burritos, but can never get myself to buy them at the store, 
mainly because of the fat content and processed nature, but also because of the price.  
So when I saw ground chicken on sale at the store, I knew just what I wanted to do with it.
This takes a few hours of prep and assembly, but it is so worth it you guys.
I now have a freezer full of burritos, that I can bust out any time I am too lazy to make dinner, lunch, hell even breakfast!  This would be perfect with those of you out there with children, 
because you have a real reason to be too tired to make dinner.  
My excuses are generally ridiculous.
But anyway, you must all try this, its easy, and just takes a little planning and prep and viola you have BURRITOS!

Ok so I mixed my meat with this taco seasoning, which I swear by...its so good!   Same stuff I used for the tacos at our engagement party.
After the meat was cooked, I added black beans.  I used 2 lbs of meat and 2 cans of black beans, but you should make however much you want.  The more the better in my opinion.
Then I made 2 cups of rice (1 cup uncooked) and added two cans of tomatoes (mexican style).
I also shredded up a whole bunch of cheese, which I didn't use even close to all of.
Then I enlisted my wonderful fiance for some assembly help.
It went much faster with 2 people.
He put the warmed tortillas on a piece of foil (rip a bunch ahead of time), smeared them with the sour cream and hot sauce mixture (highly recommended) and added the meat and bean mixture.
I put the rice mixture on top of that, added some cheese and topped it all off with a bit of fresh cilantro.
Then I rolled them up.

Roll side of tortilla that is closest to you over the filling. 
Fold left side of tortilla in.
Fold right side of tortilla in.
Keep rolling the tortilla away from you until it is completely rolled together.
Tadah! Burrito!

Don't be a dummy like me and buy taco sized burrito size...after all you are making BURRITOS!


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  1. i love bean burritos! never thought about making a bunch-candy