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Friday, August 26, 2011

Beef Curry RE DO!

Photography is something I have always had a passion for, but I've never really been great at it.  A friend of mine from high school made me realize that anyone with some passion can be a great photographer, when she started this blog...
Thanks Natalie for the inspiration and the great tips!
So I've been trying to improve my photography for this blog so that even if my dishes don't look anything like the picture in the cookbook, at least they look somewhat appetizing.  
I'm sure my neighbors think I'm crazy, carrying trays of food in different stages of being cooked, sliced, chopped, and stirred out to the front step in an attempt to get some natural light or which my basement kitchen has none.  But hopefully this extra effort has been making a difference, or else all my craziness and eating cold meals because of photo shoots gone too long, would be for naught. 
This curry is the first meal from this challenge that I knowingly repeated.  We had beef to use up and I saw this when searching for our weekly meals.  I remembered how much we both loved it so decided to repeat the meal and try to improve the pics.  I didn't take a ton of pics, because well, you have already seen this recipe.  But I did, I think, improve on those that I took the last time.  
Recipe and old pics can be found here.

So I don't get to put another X-mark in my cookbook, but sometimes life is about the small victories right??!  
Thanks so much for reading!

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  1. Thanks Paige!!! I can definitely see the improvements in your photography and I'm so honored to have inspired you! Keep up the great work! Hopefully you'll get to come home sometime soon and we can do a photography/cooking adventure together?

    love, Natalie