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*All recipes on this blog (unless otherwise noted) are Martha Stewart's from the Everyday Food Cookbooks here and here, they are not my own. If other than this I will post links to the recipes or indicate that they are originals*

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New year to all of my faithful followers!
I ensure you that I am getting back on track with this blog.  
I am  now back in MT yet again and am excited to get back to cooking.
I actually just today went and bought for the first time my second copy of any cookbook. 
My uncle Dug always talks about how he ruins his favorite cookbooks and is on his 3rd or 4th copy.
I never understood how this was possible.
I now do.
I'm excited to have NEW books, even though they aren't really new.
I also bought groceries today and will have 4 recipes to share with you all this week.
Really looking forward to getting back to blogging, hope you all are looking forward to it as well.
Stay tuned!

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