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Saturday, November 24, 2012

PumpKING cinnamon rolls

Are you all stuffed to the brim???
I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving and that you all gorged yourself until you were forced to unbutton your pants or change into your stretchy pants...or maybe you were like me and just wore your stretchy pant to dinner...tacky, or smart? You decide.
I wanted to share with you all first what I made for the morning of Thanksgiving, 
PumpKING Cinnamon Rolls.
That was a typo, but now I like the ring it has, King Pumpkin Cinnamon rolls...Pumpking, get it? 
So let me share with you the back story.
My  husband informed me of a family tradition that existed in his family growing up.  Every Thanksgiving his mom would make cinnamon rolls in the morning and they would eat them while watching the parade and really all morning as his mom made Thanksgiving dinner. 
Immediately I started to look for low fat (because I'm on a "diet", shocker) yet delicious cinnamon roll recipes online.  Pumpkin is a common addition to baking recipes to make it lower fat as it makes things moist and delicious while allowing you to add less butter and other fatty things. So I found this recipe and showed it to Logan, so excited to continue on the family tradition.
Which he replies "But, I kinda just like the ones from the tube".
My eyes bugged out of my head, steam came out of my ears, I couldn't believe what I was hearing.
I'm offering to make homemade cinnamon rolls and he wants Pillsbury tube rolls...mind blown!
Luckily I calmed down and decided to take this as a challenge, I can make him LOVE my cinnamon rolls even more than the tube ones, YES I CAN!
And, fast forward....I DID!  
Recipe here
So much easier than I thought it would be, and it was a really fun project!
Rising dough.

Roll out dough.
Rolled...I had to use a little water to get the edges sealed. FYI
Sliced...I think these are just gorgeous!

P.S. Logan was amazed at how these were made, he assumed you  made each roll individually, haha!
Boy am I glad that isn't true!

Sifting powdered sugar for the icing.


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  1. Oh my golly, I'm foaming at the mouth!! I need these, perhaps I'll make them christmas morning!!! <3